How To Get A Cleavage

Let's talk boobs :o

Ok, so there's no hiding that I'm in the itty bitty titty committee. And as much as I wasn't the biggest fan of that growing up, I've actually grown to love my size and and wouldn't change myself. I actually think it suits me?

Anyway, I've always said women should be comfortable and confident in their own bodies, no matter what shape and size they are. So if you're a small size like me, I say embrace it. But sometimes in certain clothes, such as low cut dresses, it would be nice to have the option of having an enhanced cleavage.

And now, I can!

Check out my new bra from Kissbobo. It's a backless, strapless, comfortable bra, but the best part is the front tie up lace which gives you the option of having a cleavage. Even at my size (and that's saying something).

Check out my video to see the difference. I am amazed it actually works on me, which means it can work on anyone.

riana horner