Tea with Karen Huynh

So Karen, ultimately why you decide to start TEAQUARIUM?  

After living and working in London for 2 years, I was initiated into the art of drinking tea by my fellow London colleagues, it's a serious art! And tea breaks are compulsory and there is always time put aside to make tea. I'm not complaining, i'm embracing it… hence the start of TEAQUARIUM! I wanted to relive those tea breaks and enjoy it in Australia whilst on the go. A TEAQUARIUM is essentially a practical mobile teapot without spillage designed in the form of a bottle.

 What goes into building a new brand? What inspired you?

When building a brand, you want to challenge yourself and have your personality in the brand derived by your own story and message in a glass bottle, literally! You want to be stylish and chic, have a soothing effect and create an impact; in this instance the impact would be the environment. The inspirations of journeys, the mesmerising destinations and environments and the euphoria whilst traveling encompasses all that in a TEAQUARIUM.  

I would reuse plastic bottles when in Italy, Spain and Scandinavia and be constantly taking advantage of fountains for a refill. However, overtime the plastic bottles release BPA, a chemical that coats plastic in bisphenol A, especially when you’re in summer temperatures such as Egypt. Consequently, these chemicals can cause serious health effects such as high blood pressure. For this reason, a TEAQUARIUM is born to make an impact to be eco friendly with the natural bamboo lid, a reusable appealing glass tumbler/bottle that does not release BPA chemicals with a removable stainless steel strainer to filter tealeaves or fruit infusions for that stylish soothing effect. My design is suited to be unisex and ‘less-is-more’, yet practical with its durable double walled glass to withstand hot and cold temperatures, whilst holding the glass bottle on the go. 

Karen Huynh

 Who is TEAQUARIUM aimed at?

TEAQUARIUMs are for everyone! Everyone evolves in their own way - to become someone better, and with a TEAQUARIUM you are already reducing the use of plastic. You can be a yogi, sports star, model, tea lover, mum, or just someone who wants time out or is on the go all the time and who doesn't have time for tea to cool down to consume. You want to be enjoying the view of your transparent glass, you want to release your genie and create your possibilitea and appreciate it. You want to be part of the process of the art of drinking tea London style.  Everyone releases their genie for their TEAQUARIUM! 

Do you have a favourite tea?

Too many possibiliteas to choose! I love anything green tea. Right now I’m into @SIPLOTEA ‘Ray of Sunshine’ with green tea for a bit of bitterness, sunflowers, and dried peaches exuding that sweetness. Also, maybe because my brother’s name is Ray too! and who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine in a TEAQUARIUM? A bittersweet good pick-me-up full of antioxidants for when I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed.  

What were you doing before you started the brand? 

I moved to London from Australia, I travelled Europe and South East Asia, I worked in London and I am still a MRI radiographer, a medical radiation scientist and a Sidepreneur. I love being passionate, creative and making an impact to influence and enlighten individuals. I love reusing, recycling and minimising waste. Importantly, I love what I do helping my patients and advocating for preserving your health and the environment.

What’s in store for the future of TEAQUARIUM?

The future of the brand is to always evolve, collaborate, and it doesn't have to eventually become a company or expand into new products. It just has to make a difference by starting with individuals who make a positive impact in preserving their health and the environment. That is already wealth to the brand TEAQUARIUM.

Karen has kindly offered all Tea with Ri readers a 15% TEAQUARIUM discount code: RIANA15


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