Get your knits out!

I’m not going to say that I am overly thrilled that we are finally saying goodbye to the warm weather. This English summer has certainly given us a solid few months of fun in the sun. But where there’s a negative there’s always a positive, and in this instance the positive comes in the form of knitwear.

With Autumn upon us and temperatures beginning to drop, I am super excited to finally get my knits out. I absolutely love Autumn and Winter fashion, particularly cosy knits. And this year I was treated to some stunning new pieces from Femme Luxe Finery’s new knitwear collection.

Now, I’m not being bias, but you absolutely MUST check them out (you can find their knit collection here >> They have the biggest range of gorgeous knitwear, everything from jumpers to knitted trousers. And the best part is they are extremely affordable, ranging from £3 - £40.

Here are five of my new pieces from the gorgeous new collection. Let me know what you think!

White Knitted Jumper

I adore this cropped knit, it has so much style and character to it. I particularly like the frilled edges around the neckline, cuffs and body. The jumper looks great paired with high-waisted jeans or low-rise bottoms like I am wearing below.

Mustard Knitted Jumper

Ironically, mustard is a bit like marmite: you either love it or hate it (and I’m not talking about the food-type mustard here 🌭). Clearly I am on the ‘love it’ side of the debate, but my partner can’t stand it for a reason I cannot fathom. As you can see I still wear it of course, and from one fashion enthusiast to another, I encourage you to rock it too!

Grey Long Knitted Jumper

Possibly one of my favourite pieces from the collection, this minimalistic knit is my new everyday go-to piece. With the stylish side high slit, it can be worn with either leggings or jeans. I can see this knit becoming a regular feature on my gram this season!

Rose Gold Knitted Trousers & Knitted Wrap Dress/Cardi

Who ever said knits couldn’t be glamorous had never visited Femme Luxe! I am completely and utterly in love with this cute set, particularly the rose gold trousers. Femme Luxe offer these pieces in rose gold, gold and silver, as well as many other items in the same metallic material, such as short cardigans and dresses. It’s simply not an option, you must check this collection out!

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Fashion for when you're feeling insecure

Here’s a very different, but well needed, fashion post from me.

You see, today I was having a real ‘I feel *insert bad word here* about myself’ day. I was tired but my mind wouldn’t rest. I felt slobbish, so I tried to make myself go to the gym but I couldn’t do even half my normal routine due to low energy. I was craving all the unhealthy foods in the house. At one point I swear I looked in the mirror and cried. Everything just felt - ewww.

So you know what I did?

I slipped into my sassiest outfit, found the brightest lipstick I had, put on the biggest hoops I could find and I went out to show the world I couldn’t give a *insert another bad word here* . 

I just wanted to let all you lovely ladies, and guys, out there know that you’re not always going I feel your best. Hell, sometimes you’re not even going to want to leave your bed, let alone feel good about yourself! But these moments will pass, I promise. Sometimes you just have to trick yourself into thinking you don’t care, and then suddenly ... you don’t care anymore! You are perfect just the way you are. 😘

P.S. Here’s an extra 15% off this babe of an outfit (it’s already under £11!)

Code: tea015

Get the outfit HERE

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Summer Outfit Ideas

Fellow Englanders - how crazy has this summer been?! For those of you who live else where in the world, let me paint you a quick picture. Imagine sitting in a 200 degree oven. Yup, that's basically it.

I know what you're thinking - Riana, you've lived in Brisbane for the past five years, surely you would be used to that kind of heat? While that is true, Brisbane is far more prepared for these high temperatures. Everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, in England has sold out of fans. So I've spent the best part of two months looking like a soggy wet fish from pure sweat. Not my best look I must say.

But enough complaining. One must embrace the current situation. So for me, this has meant online shopping for summer bargains.

My bargain hunting proved better than my fan hunting because I've found some stunning pieces for next-to-nothing prices! All of these gorgeous items are from my favourite online store Each photo is clickable, so be sure to take a look!

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