Back To The Future

There was a time, back in the 70s and 80s, where our parents would have done anything to be different to their parents, and through their clothes they expressed their independence. Be it bright red lipstick, over-sized sunnies or high-wasted jeans, they would not be caught dead in anything their mother was wearing.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century where we have more independence than ever before, and we crave the individuality and ambition that our parents owned back when they were our age.

At a fashion shoot last week, I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous 27 Photograph team. The Art Director/Stylist Alexandra Rigney said the theme was going to be very retro... it's fashionable!

So there I was in bright red high-wasted leather pants, bushy perm like hair and a crop tee.

"They are so stylish," she said.

And my gosh, she was right.

Our obsession with 'vintage' and 'retro' has gone sky-high and finally we have landed at a point where we should admit, I dress like my mum. (Cringe, but true)

With top brands like Topshop owning their own collection dedicated to 'vintage' it seems we long for a time when things were far more simple.

When I was out shopping this week I entered the very stylish shop Dissh. I fell in love with this polka dot play suit and I remember my own mother owning one so similar. I had to buy it. It was retro!

I later came home with bags full of second-hand bargain (and absolutely beautiful) purses. They are noticeable vintage and very much 'in'. Just check the magazines if you don't believe me.

Polka dots, stripes and the unimaginable double denim. You name it, I'm wearing it. Old has become the new and I think we can finally say, our parents had it right.

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