A Timeless Piece

If you are anything like me, part of your everyday routine in the morning is slipping a watch on to your left wrist (or right if you're weird). And regardless of how much you love that watch, how much it costs, or how sentimental it is, you rarely look at it during the day. Who needs to look at their watch when they have their phones to tell them the time? But still, you put on that watch each morning despite the fact that it's purpose is rarely any use to you anymore. Why is that?

It's a timeless piece.

Watches have been a fashion statement for years and they often have a story behind it. It was given as a special gift and it means the world to you, you bought it for yourself as a reward, it may tell people a little bit about you; what kind of style you like, that sort of thing. It also completes an outfit, you just aren't fully dressed until that statement watch is on your wrist. I received my watch as a gift from my partner last Christmas and it means the world to me. It's perfect, it's Gucci and it was love at first sight.

But what's the real reason I wear my watch everyday?

Time. It's a funny thing. It gives you a past, and it gives you hope for a future. And each morning I slip on that watch, it is a reminder to me of all of these things. It is my past, it is my future. But most importantly, it is my present. That I am living right now in this moment, in this particular time. And when you are wearing your time, you are in control of it. It is a reminder to me to make this minute, this second, this moment count. Because all too soon it will become my past.

Will you do something for me? The next time you are curious of the time take a look at your watch instead of your phone and do something that you can look back on in the future that you will be proud of.

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