Not so Far Fetched


It has crept upon us so quickly so we are barely prepared at all, but on the 26th January we will be gathering with our favourite people to celebrate Australia Day. Whether your plans are to chill by the pool with your family, or to grab a few cheeky cocktails with your friends, I know the thought has already crossed your mindโ€ฆ what shall I wear?

We all want (and need) that perfect outfit, so I admit this question has been bothering me too. However, in the midst of my daily procrastination at work, I was online-shopping and I came across the amazing high-fashion store, Far Fetch. With so many fabulous designers and items of clothing to choose from, I took the liberty of fashioning a little wish list and created the perfect Australia Day outfit.

I chose something fun by selecting a top with a splash of bright colour. The light material will hang loosely over the tailored white shorts, and the red bag and heeled sandals will bring a real taste of elegance to the overall look. Of course, with the Australian weather in mind, I couldnโ€™t go without adding in a cute hat to finish off the outfit perfectly.

I hope this has given you some style inspiration for next week. You can find all of these products, and many more amazing designs, at

Have a fabulous Australia Day.

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