CONVENIENCE - Meet the man behind the brand!


I had the privilege of collaborating with the cool new fashion brand CONVENIENCE. CONVENIENCE expresses the moment an idea comes to a person subconsciously. This 'mysterious moment' is celebrated throughout their line of graphic apparel. I took the liberty of having a quick chat with the designer/ art director, Chimar Smith, to find out just why their products are so special.

Q) So what’s the logic behind your logo?

A)The block, which houses the logotype, represents the moment an idea comes to a person subconsciously. Our Icon of the waveform support graphic visualises this communication which takes place from the subconscious.

Q)Where do your design inspirations come from?

A)Our tops are recordings of the said ‘mysterious moment’.

Q) Can you give me an example of one of these ‘mysterious moments’?

A)Our shirt ‘Rewind To Dizzy’ suggests the past informs the future. This piece interacts with mirror, reading backwards in person and forwards in the mirror – left to right. The ‘Time Less’ top is an unmoving clock displayed on an airy canvas. It seemingly occupies another dimension and is a testament to our aim of creating work which is unaffected by time.

Q) You have very thoughtfully gifted me one of your designs called the ‘Cubic Sun’. Tell me the reasoning behind this design.

A)The Cubic Sun is the thematic piece from our Heat Collection Part I. It augments the term ‘son’ to evince a person that shines.