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Hey readers!

I've had such a perfect weekend because I had absolutely nothing to do work-wise, so I was free to just chill with my partner, family and friends and actually get some sleep! (Sleep? What's sleep?!)

Seriously though, lately I've been so busy with work and had such a mix of emotions about leaving my job to go traveling, that I don't think I have truly relaxed in a long time. Sometimes I realise I've gone weeks without taking an evening off to just watch some TV or read a book, because I constantly feel like I should be doing something ... I think they call that a workaholic?? I guess that's why it has been hard for me to make the decision to actually do something out of the 'norm' and say goodbye to my 9-5 to see more of the world.

Does anyone else find it hard to stop moving, doing chores or stop working on projects? Or do you find it difficult to just give yourself some time off? Leave a comment >>

Anyway, One of my favourite things I did this weekend was have dinner with my parents and my partner. We had a cheeky Indian meal. Gotta remember to Treat-Yo-Self.

I wore this new lace dress from one of my all time favourite online stores, I'm so in love with it.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

Ri x

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