The Last Style of Buckinghamshire

This photoshoot was taken during my last outing in Bourne End before we took the plunge and migrated to west London for the busy city life. 

The two locations really couldn't be more different; Bourne End is peaceful, green and quaint. London, on the other hand, is a dog eat dog world. There's never a dull moment, it's fast-paced, humming with slightly overcrowded streets and allows for no self-doubt. 

Luckily, I manage to find a sense of serenity in bustling environments such as London. Dynamic social settings invigorate me so I've been able to embrace the metropolitan lifestyle without so much as a panic attack. But that's not to say I won't miss the sleepiness of Buckinghamshire. I feel very lucky to have lived in both communities and I'll certainly treasure their experiences for very different reasons.  

Ironically, looking back at this photoshoot it's like I had pulled out my cape to shield any nerves or uncertainty I had as I headed for the big city.

I am Wonder Woman. I am ready. Bring it on.

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