Fashion for when you're feeling insecure

Here’s a very different, but well needed, fashion post from me.

You see, today I was having a real ‘I feel *insert bad word here* about myself’ day. I was tired but my mind wouldn’t rest. I felt slobbish, so I tried to make myself go to the gym but I couldn’t do even half my normal routine due to low energy. I was craving all the unhealthy foods in the house. At one point I swear I looked in the mirror and cried. Everything just felt - ewww.

So you know what I did?

I slipped into my sassiest outfit, found the brightest lipstick I had, put on the biggest hoops I could find and I went out to show the world I couldn’t give a *insert another bad word here* . 

I just wanted to let all you lovely ladies, and guys, out there know that you’re not always going I feel your best. Hell, sometimes you’re not even going to want to leave your bed, let alone feel good about yourself! But these moments will pass, I promise. Sometimes you just have to trick yourself into thinking you don’t care, and then suddenly ... you don’t care anymore! You are perfect just the way you are. 😘

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