Sheep Wool Jackets & Coats

Have you seen the rise in sheep wool coats and jackets? It’s a fashion trend that made a huge comeback this winter (in the UK) and is sure to make its way over to the Australian fashion market for their winter 2018.

I wasn’t keen on the idea to start with – sure they look cute, but a majority of these coats are shearling, meaning the sheep are skinned. I won’t go into the ethics of it all, we would be here for days, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Furthermore, I’m typically more of a classic A-line or vintage trench coat kind of gal.

Regardless, when I found this gorgeous jacket from, I just couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon. Not only is it faux wool, but the style of the jacket itself is so different and … stylish! The fabulous coat has batwing sleeves, a sluggish hood and feels like a blanket on my back. I have lived in this coat ever since I’ve had it.

Check out my new coat and let me know if you have a sheep wool coats or jackets yourself!

Shop the jacket for only £23.76 here

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