Have a cuffy Christmas

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Whoo, are you feeling it England? It’s is SOOOO frickin chilly. It’s been down to one degree in fact. But I’m certainly not complaining - I’ve missed these English winters and cold Christmas build ups. It’s feels like, well, Christmas! So I’m still smiling. 😬

I am the worst person for getting cold though, my tolerance to these low temperatures seems to be a lot lower than most (is a girl thing, right?). So in order to keep extra warm with this winter, I’ve been rocking these gorgeous cuffs from Lil Design.

I was introduced to these complete outfit bangers by the beautiful owner of Lil Design, Urte. She showed me how these gorgeous cuffs are interchangeable so I can fashion them to suit all my outfits - perfect for adding a little extra winter season style! They look fabulous paired with long sleeved jumpers, dresses, coats, and even at the top of your boots.

All Lil Design pieces are handcrafted in Germany. The great quality materials are beautifully soft against your skin. (A great Christmas gift idea😋)

If you’d like to check out the rest of Lil Design’s unique pieces, visit www.lildesign.de

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