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Hey y'all, Happy New Year!

Boy, has heaps changed for me this year ... already! I have just moved into a brand new apartment in Bourne end, Buckinghamshire, and I'm not going to lie - I am absolutely in love with it.

The apartment is gorgeous - very spacious and bright. Having just been converted from a large business block, it's got that real brand new never-been-lived-in feel and fresh paint smell to it. My partner and I have managed to furnish the entire thing for under £500, crazy right? (I will be writing a blog post on exactly how we did this very soon … stay tuned!)

But, of course, the apartment was a deal-breaker for me when I saw the exposed minimalistic white walls. Anyone who knows me well (or if you're a crazy fashionista too) would understand my obsession with white walls - it's the perfect backdrop for a photo or two. Or five.

I took the white walls for a test run today. I had a little play around with the lighting, put on this cute blouse from RoseGal (which, by the way, happens to be my new favourite top. I just love flared hems and and cutout shoulders) and took some happy snaps on my iPhone.

Remember to say tuned for my blog on how we furnished the apartment so affordably. I can’t wait to share my secrets with you!


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