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Ruffle me Red

Choose your charisma, then choose your outfit.

I'm a big believer of showing your true personality through your style. Whether your feeling flamboyant, eccentric, fierce, confident, fun, important or cute, you can express yourself in so many ways through the clothes you choose to wear.

For a friend's birthday lunch, I was feeling 'bubbly and bold'. This outfit was the perfect outfit solution for the event.

Valentines Day Inspo

February 14 is almost here!

Some of us love it, some of us hate it. But regardless of how we feel about the big V Day, there's no denying it's just around the corner - and 2017 is not going light on the love! Big heart shaped balloons and mushy cards, which make even the soft-hearted cringe, are filling up all the stores' shelves.

So whether you're getting wined and dined by your significant other this year, or you have a 'we-hate-love' girls night in planned with your fellow singletons, you're probably on the hunt for a little Valentines Day outfit inspo.

I've decided to get a little edgy this year. Check out my perfect V Day outfit from, wearing the Masked Queen - Solid Ruffled Elegant Cold Shoulder Midi Dress.


Do You Even Side Slit?

Sometimes a girl can't decide if she wants to go for the midi or the mini - so we go for both.

Check out my cute new Olive Green Side Slit Ribbed Cami Dress from Shein, and let me know which styles you like to wear when you're feeling a bit indecive!


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