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Ladies, it’s time to talk bras…

I know, you know, we all know we come in different shapes and sizes. There is nothing we can do about it - well, not naturally - and eventually we just grow to accept what we have. My conclusion? There is no ‘perfect’ figure… we are who we are.

But despite accepting my body shape for what it is, when it comes to bra fittings, I’ve always felt a bit out of the loop. It’s not that I am uncomfortable with my size at all (I am petite and I’ve learnt to love and embrace it), it’s just I never thought I needed to think too much about bras. I figured if I was to have a bra fitting, like most underwear stores recommend, they would just tell me what I already know… I simply need to pick the smallest size available.

But after wearing bras for nearly a decade, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve never had that perfect bra. Even after trying different cup sizes, adjusting the straps, or trying out extra padding, my bras never felt quite right. I thought they were just ‘gaping’ because I couldn’t fill them out and I settled for thinking that was just me.

Then I was introduced to a lovely lady named Carys. Carys focuses on helping women through a bra fitting service to build a lingerie drawer that works for them. Essentially, she is an expert in knowing exactly which bra is right for which body. She works with the lingerie brand Intimo and she promised me she would find me the perfect fitted bra! So for the first time in my life, I agreed to a bra fitting.

Carys came over to my apartment and I had the fitting in the comfort of my own home. She took me through a huge range of bras of different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and fits. After discussing the styles I liked, Carys said she had just the one for me. It was like a Cinderella moment… the bra fit! I even had a little cleavage, which is very foreign to me. I realised it wasn’t the size I had got wrong all this time, it was the shape. There is a certain shape bra that suits my body perfectly.

Some women are confident with their shapes and some aren’t, but all women deserve to feel comfortable in their own bodies. I have girl friends that struggle to find bras because they have a large cup size, and similarly to me I have friends who just can’t get a bra to fit right. The truth is if your bra isn’t sitting on you right, your clothes probably won’t sit right on you either.

You can book Carys for a private fitting in your own home, or book her for a fun girls evening. You can gather your friends over for a night of drinks, nibbles and gossip while each of you have a private fitting, and then if you like what you have found you are able to purchase anything from the Intimo collection at a discounted price. Carys has given all my friends and family a free shipping discount code if you are keen to meet with her for a fitting and take a look at the collection - code: "RIANA" (please note this can only be used when ordering with Carys via phone, email or at a private fitting).

To order or book a private fitting, Carys can be contacted on Instagram (@carys.martin), phone (0416 776 075) or email

If you are interested in taking a look at the range you can check out the catalogue here.

Hair extension by Irresistible Hair -

Hair extension by Irresistible Hair -