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Bikini Wrap Style - My Wishlist

Hi lovelies, let's talk wrap bikinis!

I think this is the last weekend we can really make the most of the gorgeous Brisbane weather, with the chills very slowly but surely creeping in.

I am really into my wrap style bikinis at the moment. I think they are such a great way to mix up your swimwear without going for the whole monokini look (not that I don't love monokinis too).

I have put together a few of my favourite wrap bikinis from

Let me know what you think and what type of swimwear you like to wear.

The only leggings for Sunday chills

Ok, so I don't only wear them on Sundays.

Leggings are a staple garment in most women's wardrobes. They can be styled up or dressed down to whatever the occasion, and lets be honest, you cant find anything comfier to lounge in ... or so I thought.

I recently became the owner of a pair of Tani leggings and I have now promised myself I will never purchase a pair of leggings anywhere else but here. They are truly have the softest, most luxurious feel than any other material I have ever worn. I can't describe it, they just feel better quality. I am living in them!!

The best thing for me is their affordability for the every day woman. They are certainly no more than your average fashion store, but their quality is beyond higher.

If you live in leggings like me, I highly recommend

A Warmer Wish List

Summer is approaching in England, Winter is approaching in Australia.

Since I've just landed 'down under' from a three week trip to England, the different climates are confusing me, and my wardrobe. Nevertheless, it's getting gradually warmer in the UK and Australia's usual hot temperatures are still among us, so I decided it was time to make a little summer wardrobe wish list.

All outfits currently have up to 85% off from