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A Zaful Addiction

One of my all time favourite online stores is Zaful.

Why? Zaful is such an affordable store but always has the latest trends and styles (affordable and stylish - two of my favourite things!).

Check out each of these Zaful pieces, the newest addictions to my wardrobe. Should you head over to the store yourself, be warned - you may get a new obsession like me!

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It's all in the cut: with Shein

As much as I love winter wear, it can often seem a little repetitive. There are only so many times you can wear woolly jumpers, boots and big fur coats before you start missing the diversity of your summer wardrobe. That's why I want to talk to you about the shape of your winter clothes, and by that I mean how they have been cut.

Take a regular, unfitted, jumper and quite frankly it can look rather drab. But add in a turtle neck, a cowl drape neck or even a boat neck, and it's a whole other story!

A new jumper from, with a featured funnel neckline, has recently become a favourite in my wardrobe, so I want to show you how the cut of a neckline can spice up your winter style.

Wearing the Dark Green Pockets Dress from Shein.

My favourite winter buy!

Brrrrr… the last few weeks have been so cold here in Brisbane. I thought this the perfect opportunity to show you my absolute favourite winter garment this season – this stunning coat from Review.

I introduce to you the Olivine Coat; I have never felt so warm in the winter! It’s hard to find a warm coat that doesn’t swamp you and make you look figureless, this is why I love the gorgeous a-line style of this coat as it gives you a curvaceous feminine waist. The fur is also removable so you can choose if you want it there or not. I really encourage you to check out review if you are in need of a new coat, they simply have the most stunning yet practical pieces.