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Bishop Behaviour

A favourite sleeve style of mine

The Bishop Sleeve - adding an elegant flare to even the most simple outfits.

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A festive look for the festive season

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living in Brisbane Australia. But Christmas is always the time when I start to miss the good old English chill; Christmas just isn't Christmas without thick socks & boots, oversized jumpers, family gathered around a warm fire.

Since this is my fourth Christmas in the boiling Australian heat, I've decided it's time to embrace the festive spirit down under. In order to mix the English Christmas I know so well and love with the Aussie lifestyle, I've experimented with an oversized dress from one of my all time favourite fashion retailers,, paired it with a black Hoster bag (which reminds me of Santa's black belt buckle) and some chunky black boots from H&M.

What are your favourite styles to wear during the holidays?

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It's all in the cut: with Shein

As much as I love winter wear, it can often seem a little repetitive. There are only so many times you can wear woolly jumpers, boots and big fur coats before you start missing the diversity of your summer wardrobe. That's why I want to talk to you about the shape of your winter clothes, and by that I mean how they have been cut.

Take a regular, unfitted, jumper and quite frankly it can look rather drab. But add in a turtle neck, a cowl drape neck or even a boat neck, and it's a whole other story!

A new jumper from, with a featured funnel neckline, has recently become a favourite in my wardrobe, so I want to show you how the cut of a neckline can spice up your winter style.

Wearing the Dark Green Pockets Dress from Shein.