A Murderous Trip To Cambridge

I decided to go for an early morning run today. Not that it's an unusual occurrence for me to go out jogging alone, but Cameron had particularly told me to be careful and not to go too far as we were in an unfamiliar area. I figured I would be safest if I stayed on the hotel premises, it was based on a humongous farm after all ...

Picture this: a 5-degree morning, miles of foggy fields surrounded by woods, frosty wet grass soaking through my trainers, a freezing cold Ri all alone. I admit, my idea of a pleasurable recreational activity isn't for everyone. What can I say; it revitalises me.

However, about 10-minutes in, I realised this run wasn't one of my brightest ideas when my foot slipped down a hidden pothole and I stacked it head-first into the muddy long wet grass. I was drenched. I quickly stumbled to my feet, looked around to see if anyone saw (of course they didn't. I was in the middle of nowhere), brushed off my leggings and continued on as usual. Nothing can stop me! I thought.

Wrong. A few kilometers later, and completely out of nowhere, a creepy looking man appeared from the woods. If his dark eyes and stern stare weren't spine-chilling enough, he was holding ... no, it can't be ... OH MY GOD ... that is a FRICKIN' GIGANTIC SAW!!!

This is it. This is how it all ends. All the horror stories I have read in the newspapers, all the movies I have seen, it's coming true. This really happens. Oh my god. How could I be so stupid? Stupid Riana. Stupid STUPID. Why would you go for a run in a foggy field alone in the woods?! I'm sorry mum. I'm so sorry. Oh my god. RUN.

I have literally never run so fast in my life ...

Turns out the suspected murderer was, in fact, a tree cutter. And I survived. I won't be the missing girl on the front page of the papers tomorrow.

A few hours later and I’m sitting in the corner of a boutique coffee shop in the middle of Cambridge city, tea in hand an’ all. I’ve got to say, I’m rather taken by the local folks' ability to drink ice cold frappes in this weather. I’ve been strolling around the streets of Cambridge rocking layers upon layers of clothes in attempts to not completely freeze to death. Oh, and not to forget my new red leather bag. 

With Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, I feel it’s finally acceptable to be looking forward to the festive season (no guys, October was not acceptable). Christmas is my favourite time of year, and when this gorgeous leather bag from Eva Leather turned up on my doorstep last week, I simply couldn’t help but be reminded of Christmas. This genuine leather bag is only $89! Bargain right?! And it can fit everything I need; laptop, books, water bottle, diary (yes, I still carry a physical diary) ... chocolate, sweets, 5 pairs of shoes, my dogs. Haha, no I'm kidding, although I wouldn't mind having my pups with me right now. But I am in love with this brand!

Be sure to check out my outfit details. With Christmas approaching, you can never have too many gift ideas. 😉  

Outfit Details
Black Jumper Dress - www.tobi.com
Red Handbag - www.evaleather.com
Tan Boots - www.forever21.com

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