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Ok, I am no tech-savvy genius, but I know a good pair of earphones when I see one (or hear one -_-). The problem I have found when looking for a decent set is the price. I will make do with my basic earphones crackling in my ears if it means saving $200-300 thank you very much.

I was recently blessed with a beautiful pair of Sudio earphones from their latest and most advanced collection, the Vasa collection. I was thrilled to receive this gift, which came with other must-have accessories I didn’t even know I needed, and luckily for me I have no more crackle.



Firstly, I loved the minimalistic vibe of the packaging. Everything was boxed neatly and clearly instructed (like I said, I am not tech-savvy, so this was a big plus for me).

Check out all the accessories my Sudio Vasa earphones came with. A leather case for the earphones, a cable clip, 4 different size earplugs and of course the rose gold plated Vasa earphones with an attached remote and mic. Earphone heaven right?

- So, time to test out these beauties -

In went the earphones and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – or not hearing. No noise, no background sound, nothing. I asked my mum to say something and all I saw was her lips move. I can’t explain how wonderfully weird it was to actually hear nothing.

I finally pressed play and - yep you guessed it - beautiful, clear, non-crackle sounds jingled in my ears. I played around with the attached control panel, which I found rather fun and simple to use, and I learnt I could easily take calls by attaching them to my phone, still with no background noise!

The best bit… these earphones are only $90.

Sudio was built to be a fashion accessory for us style conscious individuals, who want awesome looking earphones but don’t want to compromise on quality or price. They also come in different styles and colours.

If you fancy treating your ears, Sudio have generously given my readers, family and friends the enjoyment of a further 15% off by using my special discount code: rianahorner

Love always,

Riana - x

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