A form of cardio training you will actually enjoy?!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved and reaped all the benefits that come with pilates; the strengthening and toning of muscles, its mind-soothing abilities and ample flexibility and co-ordination.

However, as a young adult who likes to keep fit (well, I like to think I do), I am conscious of incorporating some kind of cardio-based training into my routines. But like many of us, I never really enjoy cardio workouts - it’s the part of my workout I want to get over and done with quickly so I can get into the enjoyable part… pilates!

But a few months ago I was introduced to Body Smart, and their state-of-the art reformers, and my tedious jogging around the park cardio drill was over for good. I couldn’t believe how much reformer pilates worked my entire body, not just in my strengthening training, but also my cardio training… and it was fun!

Since taking Body Smart’s classes, I have learnt voluminous new ways to challenge my fitness levels. The reformers allow me to push myself when I’m finding a move too easy, or decrease the strain if it becomes too hard. But ultimately I am appreciative of discovering a form of training I enjoy, which includes all the advantages and health benefits a workout routine should. I thought I knew everything there was to know about Pilates, but Body Smart’s reformer classes have completely transformed my workout regime. I will honestly never look back.


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