Do You Have The Travel Bug?

I love exploring. There's nothing more inspiring than visiting a new place, identifying with different cultures and learning about the world. Truthfully, I don't get to travel anywhere near as much as I would like to, but I sure have a few exciting trips planned for the near future (stay tuned...).

One big difficultly with traveling is the luggage you need to carry around with you. For example, say you're out for a day trip - it's annoying lugging a heavy bag full of valuables, food and drink, plus any other extras you may need.

I have been introduced to the Joey jacket from This light-weight yet warm jacket has multiple, deep, hidden pockets so you no longer need to take a bag on your adventures. It could carry five water bottles if you really want it to! So whether you're traveling the world, heading out on an moutain hike, or simply constantly on the move, I urge you to check out the Joey jacket. It's been my life saver!

Take a look at my video featuring the Joey jacket: