Be The Art - With Black Cat Portrait

There are no words to describe my feelings towards this piece of artwork, other than ‘is this even real?’

Seriously, I am mind blown that a person has actually created this; a very talented person at that.

So, who is this mysterious artist? I hear you say.

I am proud to introduce to you the very incredibly gifted artist Alwina, from @blackcatportrait.

I met Alwina late 2017 when her striking artworks caught my eye online. I instantly reached out to her, one thing led to another, and, ultimately, she created this magnificent piece of artwork for me - featuring me - as part of her ‘Cats are Priceless’ art collection.

Now, if that wasn’t enough for me to fall completely in love with her and her collection (which you can view here). she then told me this particular collection aims to encourage women to embrace their individuality - we all need a bit of that! ❤

I can’t thank, appreciate, and recommend Alwina enough for her dedication to art, her implausible artistic abilities, and for genuinely being a beautiful person.
Another art collection to look out for, and one of my personal favourites of Alwina’s work, is her latest ‘Wings’ collection. It’s stunning! Check out her work at She also sells other types of decorative art on her Etsy store.

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Alwina and been blessed by her infectious kind and bubbly nature. I hope I have made a friend for life.

Want your own portrait painted by Alwina? Join the movement by hashtagging #BCP_PAINT_ME in your photos on Instagram.

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