The Importance of 'Me' Time

I'm sure many of you can relate when I say chipped nails, grown out highlights and bushy brows is too often the look I'm rolling with (it's bohemian, right?). Let's face it, in the hectic 2017 lifestyle we live, we barely have a moment to ourselves.

"I am relaxing!" I insist to my partner as I tap away on my computer keyboard at 11pm each evening. I can't help it, there's always something to do. It's the constant social media updates, the ability to always be contactable, the high expectations that come with the modern day of living. I see you behind your screens nodding your head. For many of us, it takes someone to tell us we are burnt out or look exhausted before we realise we should stop for a break.

I guess that's just the way we live now. But the truth is, taking time out is important for both your physical and mental well-being.

Here are a few reasons 'me' time is important:

  • Reviving your energy and nurturing yourself will help you to feel refreshed, happier and perform better throughout the working day;

  • Taking the time to do the things you enjoy by yourself helps you to appreciate time with others and feel less resentful when they request your time;

  • 'Me' time can promote self-confidence and self-worth;

  • Practicing regular relaxation techniques can help to lower your stress levels and decrease your chances of mental illness;

  • Taking good care of yourself enables you to keep taking good care of others.

So, when that rare opportunity to take a little 'me' time does arise, it's not something that should be taken lightly. I had the excuse to grab one of those self indulgent moments when the brand new Aromatherapy Associates Festive Gifts turned up at my door earlier this week. "I guess I have to take a long relaxing bath to try these out." Boy did I need it.

These gorgeous gift ideas are made to give the gift of time and help you find balance in your busy life - perfect for someone like me who really struggles to stop working and just relax. With Christmas around the corner (how is it November already?!), this really is the perfect way encourage your loved ones to take that relaxing 'me' time they truly deserve.