Water flooded her obscure vision

It was not just another wave

Lost without the perfect feeling


Foolish affection.


Did anyone see her shrink to secrecy?

Screaming for comfort

The torture on her mind

No one, not anyone

Could numb nor hide

Lost in a darkness

Only he could find.


Cradling herself

Self pity and doubt

She could love

Oh yes she could

But hurt was easier found.


His filled with stars and hers; cloudy and blue

No longer her home

A world she once knew


No control of emotion

Time crushed her longing heart

Tearing her in two

Tearing her apart.


There were two, there was one

Even in the fight

The formed wound from the goodbyes

She knew what to do

Trying to do right.


To be the right

She surrendered herself

Salute to happiness

End of time, end of love, empty smiles

Perfect from the outside.


Cloaked, the veil covers her head

Glass coloured and meaningful

I do, for you

Their secret kept dead.


Influential and unspoiled

But she cannot know herself

Someone should tell her what's right

She was taken, he’s already gone

Would that be that?

“I will adore you forever,” she spoke

“Now goodbye my love, goodbye.”

riana hornerComment