Hollow Love

It’s coming from a place

I don’t know

I’m reluctant, but aflame

I want more.

It’s hurting me

But there’s nothing to feel

Connected by detached memories

Only you, I’m sure.


You feel alive, but dying slowly

And I am watching you grow

I’m fading in, fading out

Sipping sweet champagne.

What is there to wait for

Never will there be a time

Inhale the reality

We have stopped being a game.


Like we should have

Yours truly, my one

Round up and give in

You’re meant to stay.

It means so much

To feel a hollow love as such.

It’s so hard on us



You don’t know me

A stranger you are too

In the dark and fine

I guess I still need your hand.

Each day reciting

What happened yesterday

A same light, hold me tight

Until I understand.

riana horner