Her silence bares pain

Voices remain a friend

A long-lasting four years.

A desire that is real

And only she can feel

Soaked from fallen tears.

Fighting to change

Mistakes she has made

Destroying what she pleas most.

In the depth of an ache

And an essence of distress

She inhales a sense of growth.

Under the light

Terror struck the unkind

She had vowed her plans.

Time slows down

The bud blooms within

She held onto two small hands.

A reflection so obscure

The tunnel deepens

Emptiness could reassure.

No number could control

A new love she began to know

The existence she could endure.

Bruising still blued

From the rejected friend

She knew it was only time.

Awarded with tranquil

Nourished for existence

No restriction could define.