Top 4 things to do and see in Hvar, Croatia!

After a beautiful long weekend in Hvar, I’m very excited to share my experience with you. Being a September holiday, with kids back at school and the sun still strongly beaming, Cameron and I booked this three day trip with the intention to simply chill out and do nothing. But were not oblivious to that fact that Hvar was known for a party, or two.

Although we weren’t proactively looking for adventure on this beautiful European island, that’s not to say adventure didn’t come looking for us. This place was completely rammed with Hens and Stag dos - I’m talking drinks by the pool from 10am and partying until early hours of the morning. So despite our lust for a little relaxation, it would have been rude not to have a cocktail, or two!

Let’s just say we got in on the party action one night and I highly recommend Hvar if you’re looking for that next holiday with the gals or guys. So with that being said, this brings me onto my first ‘must-see’ of Hvar rather nicely …

Hula Hula

Situated right on the water front, this place is truly a dream bar for young (and a few old) holiday-makers. By day you can sunbath by the waters edge, by night you can watch the most incredible sunset while sipping on cocktails, followed by music and dancing all night long. As one of Hvar’s most popular bars, this place is absolutely bustling by the evening. You do not want to miss this one if you’re looking for a good night out!

Dress from


If you do anything in Hvar, you must, must, MUST go on a sailing trip. Salty air, wind in your hair - oh it’s making me shiver just remising about it! There are many reasonably priced all-day or half-day island hopping trips available, some of which provide wine, lunch and pit stops where you can take a dip in the luminous turquoise waters. We booked with Hvar Adventure and tickets can be purchased online or along the port.

As a word of caution, remember to take your travel tablets beforehand if you’re prone to sea sickness. Right Cameron?

Hvar’s Fortress

If you fancy a little hike, I highly recommend taking a 30-minute walk from the main square up to Hvar’s famous Fortress. I’m a sucker for a little exploring the history of a place when I’m away, so I was amazed to learn that this remarkable building dates back to before 500 BC! This beautiful walk offers spectacular views of Hvar’s bustling town, beach and ancient stone buildings. Plus, there’s a few delicious ice-cream vans along the way!

Hvar’s Old Town 

If you weave your way around the cobblestone streets behind the main port of Hvar, you’ll come across some quaint little shops, restaurants, cafes and local services within the village. I suggest spending an hour or two walking around the streets, checking out the shops and tasting the delicious ice-creams on offer.

Have you even been to Hvar? Let me know your must-sees!

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