Tees For The Feels

It's official, I finished up at my job as of yesterday which can only mean one thing ... it's travel time soon! I am so so so excited (can you tell?!).

Last night, my wonderful colleagues put on an awesome farewell do for me and I danced the night away until early hours of the morning! It's safe to say I'm having a bit of a 'sloth' day today as my feet hurt from all that boogieing, but that's fine, there's no harm in putting your feet up once in a while. Plus, it's forcing me to sit and do some more travel planning!

I still can't believe my partner and I have taken the plunge and left our days jobs to see more of the world! I felt my new W̶I̶S̶H̶ DO tee from All Stars Glitter was very appropriate today. I'm also loving my [NOT TODAY.] shirt for those CBA days! Be sure to check out this awesome brand, I swear they sell a t-shirt for all the #feels.

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