Deadly Beach


Something that appears beautiful can be so self-destructive,

but in the end there is hope in everything worthy if we keep faith.

Shores crash hard

Shattering splints of sea

Night advances

Hungry for more

The skies, vague and misty.


Pin pricks of sand

They injure the surrounds

A coast that blisters and corrodes

With no remorse

With no sound.


Swallowing all assurance

In silent drowns

Go down, go down

To an unfamiliar setting

To a sunken town.


Branches thrive

Their arms waving in a salute

They must keep going

Trembling out of control

Demolishing each shoot.


But a drift of life

Rages in surfs of suspicious trust

Apologetically gentle

Finding peace

In a desirable salty lust.


Long gone was the darkness

Warmth ignited its space

Sensing amity

With each step

With each sandy trace.